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About us

Anjolie Naturopathic Centre

We are mother and daughter Anna and Jolana, together ANJOLIE. We deal with blood drop analysis using Darkfield microscope and then alternative or holistic medicine. Until 31.8.2022 you could hear about us under the name “Mrs. Otáhal’s Consultancy located in Zbraslav”.

The drop of blood in the Darkfield Darkfield microscope is a highly superior microscopic technique allowing the observation of a living drop of blood and all its components. A drop of blood from a finger is obtained after thorough disinfection with a tiny and thin disposable sterile lancet, then applied to a slide where it is lightly covered with a cover slip so that the components in the blood can be observed alive.

The image of the blood is scanned from the microscope into a computer and is magnified so that the client can see the condition of their blood along with the specialist on a plasma screen. Clients can take a photograph of their blood for comparison at follow-up.

With this method, we can observe phenomena and components in the blood that are not observed during routine blood testing in doctor’s offices and laboratories. Therefore, this examination is an excellent complement to medical tests. For example, conventional blood tests will detect the number of cholesterol or urate plaques, but they do not detect their SIZE, which is more fundamental, and you can thus find out whether they are threatening you in the vascular system or not. This method does not replace medical tests but complements them perfectly. It also offers the possibility of prevention before the disease appears. The client can see for himself the state of his organism.

Darkfield analysis flow

  1. We start with a client interview with Darkfield specialist Jolana Otáhlová, who has been doing analysis since 2012.
  2. We disinfect the finger on the hand of your choice and use a disposable lancet to make a tiny puncture.
  3. We then take a drop of blood directly onto a glass slide and place it under a Darkfield microscope.
  4. You will learn everything from the very basics, such as red blood cells or blood plasma, to individual pathogens, the condition of the liver and kidney organs, the degree of toxicity, viral or bacterial load, inflammation, hormone gland function, prostate, joint or blood vessel congestion, hidden stages of intracellular bacteria, cellular nutrition, or blood clotting disposition, etc.
  5. We will explain what is related to what in the body and how you can help your body naturally without chemical burdens.
Monday 9:00-11:30 13:00-17:30
Tuesday9:00-11:30 13:00-16:30
Thursday9:00-11:30 13:00-15:00
Price list
Initial analysis (45 min) 1 600 Kč
Inspection (25 min) 800 Kč
Please note that due to high occupancy, you must make an appointment one month in advance. We will be happy to accommodate you.
(+420) 608 359 608 Jabloňová 1142, 242 52 Jesenice, Czech republic
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