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Deepen your health and increase performance

Dietary supplements aimed at improving health, performance and immunity. Support your body the natural way.

Improve the length and quality of your life with NMN

Nicotinamide mononucleotide is a vitamin B3 derivative that affects cell health. Our NMN capsules are packed with scientifically backed beneficial effects.

We have been making the Czech Republic and Slovakia healthier for 12 years!

We are ANJOLIE – mother Jolana and daughter Anna. We specialize in blood drop analysis and subsequent alternative or holistic medicine. Try our natural products and improve your health and vitality.

Darkfield microscope blood drop analysis

We will do a blood drop analysis and explain what is related to what in your body and how you can help your body naturally without chemical burdens.


Made in the Czech Republic


100% natural ingredients


Certified and clinically tested


Slows aging


Allicin 200mg/cps – Natural Antibiotic Pack

Natural Antibiotics. The strongest Allicin on the Czech and world market.

In stock

35  30 € including VAT

Imunoforte 160mg/cps

Immunomodulator. Increases white blood cell activity, including macrophages and lymphocytes.

In stock

75  65 € including VAT

NMN nikotinamid mononukleotid

Pure NMN 400 mg/cps

Accelerates metabolism and contributes to weight loss through sirtuin activation.

In stock

79  69 € including VAT

3 Dimensions of Antiage

Product created based on David Sinclair's book "The End of Aging"

In stock

138  120 € including VAT

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Allicin 24 % extrakt / 90 kapslí

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Dárkový box / NMN + Tri-peptide kolagen

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